This blog is on vacation for a few days because…

I guess there are a few reasons.

1.  I have been working on another website.  My friend Lauren came up with this great idea and I am helping her create something.  It has grown, evolved and just generally morphed into something kinda awesome.  I am woefully behind because Fall Break means not a whole lot gets accomplished at Kline Manor.

Here’s the website though.


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Ok, end of shameless self-promotion.

2.  It is the middle of marching band competition season.  This week is Contest of Champions.  The week after is USSBA state finals.  I am consumed with the Band of Gold.  And, seriously, is that not the story of my life?   Speaking of being consumed with band….I talked to a lady my age yesterday who performs in the Cedar Creek Community Band.  And, ya’ll, something fluttered inside me when she started talking about it.  I have a perfectly good clarinet just sitting in my dining room.  Would it be nuts if I tried to play again?

(And, yes, I get that it is nuts to contemplate yet another life commitment within a post complaining about having too many life commitments.  Welcome to my world!)

Back next week.  It may not be worth waiting for…but I will be back 🙂


  1. First of all….

    Website looks great!! Love it.

    And I think you should join the band for sure.

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