Book Review – Wild

Here is my non-fiction for the month of March.  I am only one month behind which is pretty awesome considering my track record with these  kinds of resolutions.
Wild is the story of Cheryl Strayer.  Cheryl loses her mother and kinda goes nuts.  She is young and married.  The grief consumes her and sends her into drug use, divorce, and lots of ill advised relationships with bad men.  I am not suggesting that grief over a lost loved one is an excuse for this type of behavior.  But, honestly, I can’t imagine life without my mom so I am giving Cheryl a pass here.  Mom loss just has to be different and I have no intention of judging her grief process.
Cheryl decides to save herself by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  She doesn’t know a whole lot about hiking so she doesn’t have an easy time of it.
If Cheryl had made this hike last year and written a book about it, I would have hated it.  I am over the stunt book.  But she hiked the PCT in the early 90’s.  So it’s pretty evident she never intended to make the trip just to write a book about it.

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