Our Church motto is “Anything short of sin to get people to Jesus”.

I couldn’t believe it.  I read it again…out loud just to see if it sounded as stupid the second time.

This was a comment made by a woman I don’t even know on a Facebook post written by another woman I don’t know.

Yep, it’s happened.  I am now becoming enraged at complete strangers.

To me this is as confusing as it is annoying.  What does this phrase even mean?  “Anything short of sin”?  Does it mean you won’t kill people to get them to Jesus?  You won’t lie to them?  Commit adultery with them?  (I once knew a guy who actually used this as an excuse for an affair.  True story.)

Look, I am all about evangelism.  I’m not trying to hate on this lady or her church for their intentions.  But what message does it send to phrase your mission this way?

Jesus is not your ugly second cousin that you are trying to set up on a blind date.  You can’t show me one Biblical example of  evangelism where any Christian has to intimidate, beg or strong arm someone into the faith.  People met Jesus and they were changed.

One of the main reasons the modern church has so much trouble evangelizing is that the world needs Christ and we keep offering them Christians.  If we could just be humble enough to say, “He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30)


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