Book Review – Wedding Night

Book Review – Wedding Night


I read everything Sophie Kinsella writes.

Ya’ll… I am faithful to this woman.  I even read the books she wrote under a pseudonym.

I know what to expect when I pick up one of her books.  And in that sense, this book delivered.

Lottie thinks her boyfriend is going to propose.  He doesn’t.  (Girl…been there!)  She gets upset and marries her college boyfriend.  (Like you do.)  Her sister Fliss sets off with her son, Lottie’s ex-boyfriend and some other dude to stop this mistake before it is un-annullable.

Did you ever watch Three’s Company?  Remember how there was always these big misunderstandings?  Someone would overhear part of a conversation and overreact in a hilarious way.  And remember how that shtick got a bit tiresome by the last season?  That’s how this book felt to me.  I enjoyed it but I kinda knew how the characters would act and react in every scenario.  It was bit like getting together with an old friend who is slightly annoying.


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