Go read this article.


I don’t agree with everything here 100%. (Spoiler Alert : I never agree with anything 100%) but good grief, the world needs to hear this. When I think of the lives that have been ruined because one person lost their warm, fuzzy feelings about the person they vowed to love forever I want to take a hostage.


You don’t need shiny. You just need REAL.  You understand now that that butterfly chasing is a shallow waste of a life. Because BUTTERFLY CHASERS NEVER SETTLE INTO REAL LOVE. REAL LOVE IS NOT A FLUTTERY FEELING, IT’S NOT BUTTERFLIES. It’s not pink. It’s not glittery. It’s not fluffy. It’s not even all that exciting, on the surface. Love looks like work. It’s utterly intimidating and exhausting. REAL LOVE IS A DAILY DECISION TO GET TO WORK. LOVE IS WORK DONE BY TIRED, HOPEFUL, ORDINARY FOLKS.

There are days that my love for Kevin overwhelms me.  I look at him and think of all we have built between us and I want to die from love.  I have butterflies.  I get goosebumps.

There are other days when I want to hit him in the head with a shovel.

I don’t love him any less on the days that I am eyeing the yard tools.

And honestly I have no idea what this looks like during a twenty, thirty or forty year marriage.  But in the end that’s the point.  It’s not about how long you have been ‘in love’.  It’s about a covenant not grounded in how we ‘feel’.


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