The Goal – Week 48

The Goal – Week 48




This year has been an amazing learning experience for me.  I wished I had learned some of this stuff earlier but that’s a statement that’s been true in my life for as long as I can remember.  Here’s the first thing:

41 year old Rachel is different from 30 year old Rachel.  I know it sounds nuts but I really believed that the weight loss approach that gave me great success 10 years ago would work the same today.  Even when my results said otherwise, I was undeterred.  I kept thinking I must not be trying hard enough.  You see I believed in my nutritional approach with an almost religious fervor.  The hard reality is that I am not the same. And while the core principles that I will cling to until they pry the coconut oil OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HANDS are still the foundation of my program, things had to be tweaked.  And I had to admit that I was wrong about a thing or seven (Lawdy I hate this!)  I’m actually thrilled that this happened though because I will be different at 51 and 61.  I’m playing a long game here friends.  When I finally hit that goal (It’s happening. Write it down.  Believe me or no.  It matters not.)  it will only be the first step on this journey.  People lose weight all the ding dong day.  Only 5% of those people keep it off.  I have to use this new insight to be part of that percentage.



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