The Goal – Week 49

The Goal – Week 49




Ready for my next big revelation?

The best fitness regimen in the world can never make up for bad nutrition.

Of the 350 days that have passed this year, I have eaten perfectly on plan for at least 310 of those days.  I put kale in my shakes ya’ll. KALE!!! I didn’t have even one fun size Snickers on Halloween.   And those days I ate the wrong thing?  I can honestly tell you those weren’t binge days. I wasn’t driving through multiple fast food places or double dunking doughnuts.  There were weeks that I lost 5 pounds between Monday and Friday and regained them over a weekend after a Red Lobster dinner.  (Those cheesy biscuits will be the death of me.)  I’m not suggesting that’s a universal rule.  But it is definitely a 41 year old Rachel rule.

41 year old Rachel is a pain.

You all know that physical fitness has never been a big part of my life.  I faked cramps for a whole year in high school to sit out of gym class. So when I started this deal 16 months ago, I never expected to actually keep doing it.  Every time I find myself working out, I’m shocked.  But make no mistake, my only reason for working out when I started was to be thin.  I didn’t care about health, or strength, or endurance, or any of that stuff.  I cared about my skinny jeans.

But guess what happened?  I accidentally got strong.  Like I could probably beat you up.  I’m not planning to but it’s important for you to know that I could. And I’m enjoying getting stronger almost as much as I am longing to fit into those jeans.


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