The Goal – Week 50

The Goal – Week 50



The easy part is figuring out the things you did wrong. The hard part is learning how change them.

So I know now that exercise, while awesome and necessary, isn’t a magic pill that will make up for my nutritional detours. Trust me here. I have worked out a lot this year. And if losing weight was as easy as “calories in/calories out” I’d be writing this while wearing a bikini. We each bring our baggage to this struggle and mine might be different than yours. And that makes a one size fits all weight loss approach naive or stupid. This year has shown me that the wiggle room for me is very small. I thought working out was going to give me a lot of freedom. And in lots of ways it did. But freedom and license are not the same thing.
I’m going to end this year with a loss. It won’t be 100 pounds. But without exercise it wouldn’t have been a loss at all. The workouts filled in my nutritional holes just enough to keep my weight moving down. But 2015 must be better. My food game is going to have to be right at least 95% of the time.  If you know me, you are shaking your head right now because…well let’s just say that 95% for me is difficult in any arena. And obviously bad food is my archenemy, my kryptonite, and my biggest stumbling block.

But I’m not worried.

Wanna know why?

Because I’m a ridiculously optimistic person when it comes to my goal.  You see I used to give up 95% of the time and I stopped doing that cold turkey 16 months ago.  Hang with me guys.  There’s no telling what I might do this year.

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