The Goal – Week 51

The Goal – Week 51



When it comes to weight loss, it seems most of us are obsessed with the “Before” and the “After”.  I’m no different.  I don’t dwell a lot on the before.  But I plan my after the way some of you spend your mythical lottery winnings.  My favorite fantasy for the after?  The pictures.  I’ve avoided the camera for so long, people think I am running from the law.  But when it’s after, I have a long list of photo shoots planned.

– Me in a pair of big pants

– Me and Jen both wearing the big pants.  There may be a thumbs up involved in this one.  Regardless, I will be getting this print on enlarged canvas and hanging it on top of my fireplace.

– Me in the old jeans.

– Me in THE jeans

-Me in exercise clothes that aren’t pajamas.  I may get one of those spray on six packs too.  Or maybe I’ll just use photoshop.

– New profile pic for Facebook (This is only to redeem myself from the ‘friend’ that made of fun of me for keeping an old profile where I am thin.  This always bothered me because my intention was never to try to fool anyone.  Everyone I know knows how big I am.  But it’s far past time to change it.)

The thing is…

It’s not after yet.

So here I am at what should be the end of this journey.  And the finish line is far, far away right now.

I’m way past the Before but I’m not close to the After.

I am firmly in the ‘During“.

There are no accolades for the during.  No photoshoots.  No parties.  No YouTube time lapse videos.

But I refuse to not acknowledge this season.  I choose to celebrate it.  All these thoughts, and words and posts are my gifts to myself.  Because honestly ya’ll, most of our lives are lived in the during.  And when you think about it, we’re all in the during, aren’t we?  Yours might be different than mine.  Yours might be easier or more difficult and come next year, it may be completely different.

So as this year winds it’s way down, I face it’s conclusion with joy and anticipation.

I am enduring.


  1. You know my word for the year is endurance. So I’ve thought a lot about that word and yet never really thought about the “in the during” part of it. That is so amazing! Thank you.

    You absolutely should celebrate the during. That is where most quit…if they make it that far!

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