Jesus ain’t a Bell Boy

Jesus ain’t a Bell Boy


Ok  look…I’m not gonna talk about politics (right now.) But we have to discuss this picture.

First let me say this. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances that aren’t Christians. And all them know that me and Jesus are BFFs. Therefore, I have to answer to all these people for all the stupid stuff my Christian brethren decide to post on social media. And can I just say that ya’ll are posting a lot of crap that I cannot even explain, much less defend?

So let’s just talk about this ridiculous meme my beloved aunt (she divorced my uncle over 2 decades ago but she’s still my aunt because that’s how it works in my family) put on Facebook last week. Completely disregard the Obama/Trump stuff. Look at Jesus in this pic. Just look at him. Now ask yourself this simple question :


Jesus was basically a homeless preacher. I can’t prove it biblically but I’d be shocked to find out he owned more than one pair of sandals. The Bible makes a big ole deal about his seamless robe which leads me to believe he probably didn’t have a closet full of them.  So assume the literal KING OF KINGS could be ‘kicked out’ by some American President (spoiler alert : he can’t be). I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t need to pack up four pieces of luggage to make the trip.

And sure, I get what my aunt was trying to convey with this post but we’ve got to do a better job folks. True Christians need to be about the work God has given us and that work is inviting people to discover Jesus. Our job is not to create weird a weird meme Jesus and then try to shame people into thinking they aren’t “True Christians” if they don’t share it.

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