The Year of Twelve – Part 1

Since it’s January 29, it’s definitely time to tell you about my New Year’s resolution.

Many of you will remember that 5 or so years ago I resolved to lose 100 pounds. And I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I exceeded that goal. I’ve actually lost 40 pounds 3 times in the past 5 years which equals 120 pounds. Suck it haters! I’ve also regained that 40 pounds each time. (Insert sad trombone sound here.)

But if you think public humiliation will stop me from a never ending quest to fit into my jeans, well friend… you must be new here.

That being said, my resolutions for 2019 have little to do with weight loss. In fact, as I began thinking about things I’d like to change in my life, I was shocked that the things that came to mind were strangely unrelated to being fat. Don’t be scared for me though. I’m still focused on improving my health. I’m not elbow deep in a box of doughnuts or anything.

As I contemplated my years of failure to achieve a “New Me”, I decided that maybe I could focus on changing 12 small things in my life. They aren’t earth shaking, monumental goals. Just 12 small habits or behaviors that might (gasp!) actually improve my life. The first one started by accident. I was shopping with my daughters and my oldest Savannah was trying to persuade her sister to start a daily habit of using body lotion. “I challenge you to try it Kaylee, she said. It will change your life.” Kaylee and I both just stared at her. See, we don’t actually talk this way. It was like Tony Robbins had invaded my child. Lotion is gonna change our lives? So even though we made fun of her about it for the rest of the trip, I threw a bottle in my cart. After my shower, I slathered on the lotion but didn’t think I was creating some massive change in the state of my life. And then this weird thing happened. I kept doing it. Every time I showered, I put the lotion on. At one point (because I’m a lunatic) I even timed how long the lotioning process took. 2 minutes.


I realized that I’m really good at grand intentions but I suck at the small stuff. This 2 minute lotion habit morphed into a 5 minute daily regimen. (I added facial wash and moisturizer. I’m old. This is necessary.) I’ve been doing this daily without much thought for almost 2 months now. My skin feels like silk. Seriously, if you see me in public, rub me. You won’t believe how soft I am. And this stupid lotion habit has taught me something. I can change. It might be in small increments but it can happen.

And now I’m ready to tackle a new goal for February. It’s as goofy as lotion. So come back in a month and we’ll see what happened.

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