50 and More Essential NMR Experiments. A Detailed Guide by Matthias Findeisen,Stefan Berger

By Matthias Findeisen,Stefan Berger

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Before Fourier transformation use S/2 shifted sinusoidal windows in both F2 and F1. Phase correction is applied in both dimensions. 6. Result Fig. 4-2 Sugar Cane (Saccarum) 50 The ¿gure shows an expansion of the HSQC-TOCSY spectrum obtained on an DRX-600 spectrometer equipped with a TBI z-gradient HSQC-TOCSY probe head. The spectrum is very intriguing since we see six times a completely separated TOCSY spectrum of the glucose moiety of sucrose, edited by each carbon atom of this subunit. 9 ppm contains the diagonal signal of C-1'.

Starting from each HSQC crosssignal one ¿nds additional signals in the same row of the F1 carbon frequency which are caused by a TOCSY transfer. This is very helpful for structural elucidation, since normal TOCSY spectra may often be rather crowded. Compared with true 3D sequences, the digital resolution is far better using signi¿cantly less recording time. There are many variants; here we show an echo-antiecho gradient selected method. 2. Variants Originally, this method started as HMQC-TOCSY and rapidly gained interest especially in the ¿eld of natural products.

After extensive experimentation it seems that the recording and co-adding of three different HMBC spectra focused with 2 Hz, 6 Hz and 10 Hz is the most time- and effort - effective solution to this problem. (2) The variability of the 1J parameter which affects the suppression of 1J break-throughs. Different low-pass ¿lter methods have been proposed and also methods which do not ¿lter at all but separate the two kinds of information (HMSC [9]). (3) The separation of 2J and 3J correlations, which has been proposed by a sequence called H2BC [10].

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