A Revised Electromagnetic Theory with Fundamental by Bo Lehnert

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29), and due to the fact that the ratio AAm s is close to unity, it is readily seen that the radial constant c0 becomes nearly equal to the Compton wavelength mh c divided by 6π. 3 Magnetic flux According to Eq. 30) which vanishes at θ = (0, π). Making use of Eqs. 16) the flux becomes Γ = 2π c0 G0 sin3 θ C γ (γ − 1) + 2(γ − 1)ρ + ρ2 T − ε − Dθ T γ−1 e−ρ . 31) This relation shows that the flux increases strongly as ρ decreases towards small values, in accordance with a point-charge-like behaviour.

39) according to Eq. 13). 38) becomes ∞ d d dG Jq = ρ G−ρ ρ . 41) where a prime denotes derivation with respect to ρ. When H and all its derivatives are finite at ρ = 0 and at infinity , we thus obtain Jq = 0 and a vanishing total charge q0 . 2 The magnetic field There is an axial magnetic field obtained from the circulating current j = ρ¯ C, and being given by B(ρ) = G0 C c2 r0 ∞ b(ρ) , b(ρ) = 0 fq dρ . 42) 44 Bo Lehnert A Revised Electromagnetic Theory As a simple example, a choice of H = 1 yields b(ρ) = e−ρ −ρ2 + 4ρ − 2 .

These properties are easily tested in the simple cases of T = sin θ and T = cos θ. As a consequence, the polar part T of the generating function obeys the following rules: • The integrands Iq and IM of Eqs. 23) have the same symmetry properties as T . • The integrands Im and Is of Eqs. 25) are always symmetric, irrespective of the symmetry properties of T . 19): 42 Bo Lehnert A Revised Electromagnetic Theory • The charge and the magnetic moment vanish for antisymmetric forms of T , irrespective of the form of R.

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