Ada 2005 Ref. Manual - Lang., Std. Libs. by S. Taft, et. al.,

By S. Taft, et. al.,

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An implementation may place arbitrary restrictions on the use of such types; it is implementation defined whether operators that are predefined for “any integer type” are defined for a particular nonstandard integer type. 2. 27 For a one's complement machine, the high bound of the base range of a modular type whose modulus is one less than a power of 2 may be equal to the modulus, rather than one less than the modulus. It is implementation defined for which powers of 2, if any, this permission is exercised.

5 Operations of Discrete Types Static Semantics For every discrete subtype S, the following attributes are defined: 1 S'Pos 2 S'Pos denotes a function with the following specification: function S'Pos(Arg : S'Base) return universal_integer 3 This function returns the position number of the value of Arg, as a value of type universal_integer. S'Val S'Val denotes a function with the following specification: 4 5 function S'Val(Arg : universal_integer) return S'Base 6 This function returns a value of the type of S whose position number equals the value of Arg.

2/2 The characters whose code position is larger than 16#FF# and which are not graphic_characters have language-defined names which are formed by appending to the string "Hex_" the representation of their code position in hexadecimal as eight extended digits. As with other language-defined names, these names are usable only with the attributes (Wide_)Wide_Image and (Wide_)Wide_Value; they are not usable as enumeration literals. Implementation Permissions 4/2 This paragraph was deleted. 5/2 This paragraph was deleted.

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