Addict by Stephen Smith

By Stephen Smith

During this precise tale THE NAMES OF THE dwelling were CHANGEO to guard THE blameless. these lifeless CAN'T HIT BACK.

At the age of fourteen I grew to become hooked on amphetamine and for the following 20 years took as much as a hundred pills an afternoon. medications led me right into a strange lifetime of crime and lunacy. As my dependancy took its toll I fell from being a prosperous playboy with every little thing cash may possibly purchase to residing within the Salvation military Missions, finishing up at the streets with the winos for over 5 years. Why did all this ensue to me? taking a look at teenagers this present day i'm wondering if a few of them are only many years clear of the same curler coaster hell-ride. What distinguishes them from the others, the conventional youngsters?

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Bitch! (Leans back, stretches hi's arms and legs, emphatically) Now I'm going to make the summer. Red. Scarlet. Voracious. ( He bums the tune again) 3 Evening. Baal is sitting at the table. (clasping the bottle ofschnapps. With many pauses) Four days now, I've been smearing the red summer all over: wild, pale, and voracious, and fighting the schnapps bottle. There have been defeats, but the bodies have started retreating back to the walls, into the black Egyptian darkness. I 'll nail them to the wooden walls; only I mustn't drink any schnapps.

How dare they open their mouths, showing their rotten teeth, to talk against love, that any man can die of ? Because, if you people can't endure love, there's nothing left but vomit and disgust. ( He tunes the guitar) J O H A N N ES You mean pregnancy ? BAAL (with a few hard chords) Once the pale mild summer has ebbed and they have soaked up love like sponges, they turn back into animals, cross and childish, ungainly, with fat bellies and flowing breasts, and with damp, clinging arms like slimy squid, and their bodies degenerate and become heavy unto death.

THIRD TEAMSTER You unfaithful bastard! said the wife, when she caught the hired man in bed with the maid. ( Laughter) JOHANNES ( to Baal) If only for Johanna's sake-she's a child! JOHANNA ( to Emilie) Would you like to leave with me? We can both go. EMILI E (sobbing, bent over the table) Now I'm ashamed. JOHANNA (puts an arm around her) I understand you perfectly. It doesn't matter. EMILIE Don't look at me like that! You're still so young. You don't know anything yet. BAAL (standing up, ominously) A comedy: Two Sisters in Hades !

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