Advanced air pollution by Farhad Nejadkoorki

By Farhad Nejadkoorki

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Was undertaken in buildings located in the east part of Slovakia. Seasonal differences in pollutant levels were confirmed. It was shown in this study that indoor NOx concentrations were significantly higher than outdoor ones especially in the winter (Fig. ). All buildings studied used gas appliances, mainly in the kitchens (Šenitková, 2000). 3 Influence of air exchange on NOx concentrations The effect of air exchange by ventilation on indoor nitrogen dioxide occurrence was studied in buildings with natural and forced air replacement during and after the combustion process.

Due to the insufficiency of data on the area set in this research, the set of countries was taken into account. The third set is the type of pollutant that led to the formation of set P, the set of pollutants {carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, evaporative organic compounds, arsenic, lead and copper in water, …} according to equation number 5. Set M can have m members, set A can include a members and set P can have p members. M = i ∈ N, i ∈ 1, m , m = m (3) A = j ∈ N, j ∈ 1, a , a , = a , (4) P = k ∈ N, k ∈ 1, p , P , , = P,, (5) m is the process i we want to study.

E. P , , , amount of pollutant is produced in area j for each unit of product of process i. Hence, equation 6 is used to calculate P , , , . 1 Safety degree determination The goal is to determine the biocompatibility or safety degree of process i in producing pollutant k in area j. Therefore, a new set named C is formed which means biocompatible 25 Air Pollution Monitoring Using Fuzzy Logic in Industries processes in producing different pollutants in different areas. Each member in this set belongs to set C at a certain degree.

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