Advanced Microwave, Millimeter Wave Technols - Devs, Circs, by A. Mukherjee

By A. Mukherjee

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The width of the hysteresys curve (heating- cooling cycle) is very small: the transition occurs in the 72-74°C range when heating the sample (transformation from semiconductor to metal) and in the 65-68°C range when cooling down at room temperature, and is witnessing on the high quality of the obtained material. Fig. 4. Resistance variation with temperature for a VO2 film (two terminal device of 70 mm long, 45 mm wide and 200 nm thick) fabricated by PLD on a C-type sapphire substrate The optical transmission measurements of VO2 layers on different substrates as a function of the temperature were done in the UV-visible- mid-IR regions of the spectrum using a Varian Carry 5000 spectrophotometer equipped with a sample heater.

About the influences of viscous of metall to the jet formation process. Fisika gorenia i vzriva (in Russian), Vol. 11, № 1. 17. Karpp. (1976). Criteria for jet formation from impinging shell and plates. J. Appl. , Vol. 47. 18. , Taylor G. (1948). Explosives with lined cavities. J. Of Appl. Phys. Vol. 19, pp. 563-582. 19. Lavrent’ev M. (1957). The shaped charge and principles of it operations. Uspehi matem. Nauk (in Russian). Vol. 41-56. 20. V. (2003). New criterion of cumulative jet formation. 7th Korea-Russia International Symposium on Science and Technology "KORUS 2003",June 29-July 2, 2003.

004 m of wavelength). A photograph of the equipment is shown in Fig. 8. 5 meter in diameter, located at the middle of the ballistic range. The uprange end of the tank is lined with microwave absorbing material to minimize the effect of range wall reflections on the radar. The radar reflector, which is made of thin sheet aluminum, is suspended across the flight line at 45° to the flight axis. The supporting framework is designed to enable the sheet to be mounted easily and accurately in position.

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