Aikido : the basics by Bodo Roedel

By Bodo Roedel

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2010 9:48 Uhr Seite 59 FOOT MOVEMENTS At the moment when Uke thinks he can reach Tori, Tori can also take a gliding step backwards in order to give more distance between them. For this, up to the moment that Uke actually kicks out, the distance must be such that Uke can still reach Tori. If Tori went back too early, Uke would follow him firstly and then attack him. In the example shown here, Tori has increased the gap at the last moment before Uke attacks. 9 shikko Being able to move about on the knees is also a part of the basic foot techniques.

The bottom is resting on his heels, the toes are propped up and the back is held straight. Uke’s arm is being held firmly but not pressed down on the mat.

Tori now takes a step forwards (irimi). Then Tori changes the direction of his movement by turning his hips through 180° (tai no henka). So that Tori can do this he brings his arm up slightly. It is important in this action not to pull the arms outwards. Tori’s arms remain permanently on his longitudinal axis and his elbows remain pointing downwards and not rotated outwards. 7 Foot Movements – 90° Angles Besides the movements described already, 90° changes of direction also play an important role in basic foot movements in Aikido.

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