Althusser and Pasolini: Philosophy, Marxism, and Film by Agon Hamza

By Agon Hamza

Agon Hamza deals an in-depth research of the most thesis of Louis Althusser’s philosophical firm along a transparent, attractive dissection of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s most crucial motion pictures. there's a philosophical, spiritual, and political dating among Althusser’s philosophy and Pier Paolo Pasolini’s motion pictures. Hamza teases out the issues of touch, putting particular concentrate on reviews of ideology, faith, ideological country apparatuses, and the category fight. The dialogue, even if, doesn't deal with Althusser and Pasolini by myself. Hamza additionally attracts on Spinoza, Hegel, Marx, and Žižek to accomplish his learn. Pasolini’s motion pictures are a treasure-trove of Althusserian idea, and Hamza ably employs Althusserian phrases in his interpreting of the movies. Althusser and Pasolini presents an inventive reconstruction of Althusserian philosophy, in addition to a unique exam of Pasolini’s movie from the point of view of the filmmaker’s personal proposal and Althusser’s theses.

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The first station on which Althusser jumped was the station already shaped by the aftermath of the Second World War and the beginning of the Cold War. Althusser’s early writings constitute the immanent tension between religion (or Roman Catholic Church) and Marxism, which in his later work will be replaced with the tension between philosophy and Marxism (or communism). But before examining Althusser’s “Christian period,” I want to identify the main tensions in Althusser’s work. The 1 I borrow this title from Introduction by Matheron 2014, p.

In Žižek’s understanding, the subject is no longer an ideological construction, and this becomes a hole in the symbolic structure that ideology tries to intricate.  272. 17 TAKING SIDES: HEGEL OR SPINOZA? 21 In this regard, we can elaborate further on philosophy as an activity of drawing lines of demarcations between different positions. Let us divide these positions as following: scientific, political, and philosophical. I want to add, also: religious lines of demarcations. It is with regard to the conditions that philosophy realizes its function as an activity of drawing lines of demarcations.

Xix. 32 Balibar 1991. 33 In this chapter, I will leave aside the infamous The Case of Althusser by John Lewis. 34 Elliott 2006, p. xvi.  374.  233. 29 CONTEXTUALIZATION 23 against advancements of a critique of Stalinism. ”37 Their early work was an attempt to celebrate Althusser’s thought, especially his insistence on science. It is no wonder their journals were called Theoretical Practice (1971–1973) and Economy and Society (1972–1974), even though they still import the Althusserian problematic into British academia.

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