Amazing Secrets Of The Martial Arts Masters by Ted Gambordella

By Ted Gambordella

Study the secrets and techniques of the Martial Arts Masters. force a Nail with you head Take complete strength punches to physique Bend a knife in your Neck Knock someone down witn 1 finger Unbend capable Arm

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And it is also important to have a “spotter” to help lift the bar off your chest if you are forcing the last few reps. Unlike the flat bench. You really can’t cheat and put the bar up on the incline. When your chest is exhausted you will need help to put the bar up. INCLINE PRESS Wide GRIP Here once again I do not go all the way up, I use half ups and go about 6 to 12 inches. I do 4 sets of 35 to 50. SQUATS Let me say that I do not advocate doing squats with the bar on your back. This has always hurt my back and will wind up hurting yours.

For a total of 150, then I rest and do it again. This is one set. I do 5 sets for 750 sits ups. Abdominal crunches Crunches are a modified sit up that tightens the abs but doesn’t hurt the back. This time you put your hands behind the head and crunch up as far as you can, at least 6 inches off the ground. I try to do 50 reps at a time in sets of 5. You can also pull the legs into the arms To really concentrate the crunch. Abdominal Arms ups & v ups Hold the arms straight up and pull yourself off the ground.

Building muscles without weights Isometric Breathing Isometric breathing is an important concept and exercise to understand. It is a fundamental exercise of the martial arts. It is in all forms and called “sonchin” in my style of karate. It is very simple to explain, but very difficult to master. Unlike tai chi, which is breathing very soft and moving very fluid. Isometric breathing is breathing very forcefully and moving ver y hard, but slow. To do the exercises you must first start with the body very tight and concentrate on the breath.

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