American Jiu-Jitsu by S. Jorgensen

By S. Jorgensen

Sixteen classes with sixty three illustrations. Come alongside, gun disarming, rnife disarming, nerve strain issues, loss of life blows, chokehold holiday, headlock breaks, harmful procedure.

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They are more complex and can only be executed with a good deal of practice. Okuden The hidden, secret uses (Bunkai) of the Kata were passed on by the old Masters only to those students who had earned their complete trust. 2009 12:43 Uhr Seite 31 Omote, Chuden and Okuden are described as Ura Waza. The secret techniques were also known as Okuden. As already mentioned, it is still common practice for those techniques which hold the true content of the Bunkai to be shown only to the higher Dans, and then only selectively.

Having arrived in the USA, Karate was influenced by local cultural aspects and by the mentality and attitude of the active American Karatekas. It became more dynamic under the influence of boxing and other sports. It moved away from its spiritual element towards a more aggressive interpretation in line with the American firearms culture. Okinawan Karate Do is similar to the traditional dances of the Ryu Kyu Islands. The center of gravity is shifted downwards and inward. Suddenly we see the introduction of kicks above the waistline.

18 Taira Shinken (1897-1970) Taira Shinken was born on June 12, 1897, on the Island of Kumejima, his original name being Maesato. He trained under Gichin Funakoshi in Tokyo, and under Mabuni Kenwa. He studied Kobujutsu under Yabiku Moden and started up his first Shotokan Dojo in Ikaho Onsen, in the province of Gunma. Relatively little Kobudo Taira Shinken, above left (T. 2009 12:43 Uhr Seite 47 A Selection of Okinawan Masters was practiced on Okinawa at this time, and Taira Shinken became intensely involved with reviving it.

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