An Introduction to Judaism (Introduction to Religion) by Nicholas de Lange

By Nicholas de Lange

In his ebook, "An advent to Judaism", Dr. Nicholas de Lange supplied a brief perception into the faith and its fans. I saw that he designed this ebook for those who have very little time to take a position on voluminous texts. the various illustrations he used to demystify historic techniques like Zionism and Diaspora are of significant price; even supposing that any one who's accustomed to his prior works, just like the "Atlas of the Jewish global and Jews", wouldn't be too surprised. this is often one e-book that may enlighten somebody who has curiosity in Jewish heritage and demography. it's a well-researched piece. fantastically summarized! one other compelling chronicle.

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Jewish responses to these conflicting pressures have ranged very widely, from total assimilation and abandonment of Jewish identity at one extreme, passing through various modes of religious and social accommodation, to the maintenance of a very traditional and separate existence at the other. Unlike the European countries from which most Jews came, the United States accorded religious and other freedoms to its citizens from its inception. The constitution of  explicitly forbade religious tests for public office (although some states retained them until much later), and the Bill of Rights of  guaranteed total freedom of religion.

The Jewish religious establishment consists of chief rabbis, state rabbis, religious councils and rabbinic courts. Under a system inherited from the British and ultimately from the Ottomans, there are two chief rabbis, one Ashkenazi and one Sephardi. The main cities also have a dual chief rabbinate. The election of the chief rabbis has caused repeated problems, and the dual chief rabbinate has led to serious and sometimes apparently absurd conflicts. The district rabbis and other local rabbis with official positions are appointed, with the approval of the chief rabbinate, by local religious councils, which also pay their stipends.

Conversely, to emigrate from Israel is termed yeridah, ‘descent’, and is viewed negatively. Emissaries are sent out from Israel to the communities of the Diaspora to inculcate a knowledge and love of Israel and to encourage aliyah. Although Jews tend to feel a strong bond with all other Jews around the world, they are likely to be unaware of the international organisations that bring together, represent, and to some extent protect and sustain Jews in the different countries. There is a multiplicity of such organisations, of which only a few can be mentioned here.

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