An introduction to the study of the Kabalah by W Wynn Westcott

By W Wynn Westcott

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31-40, as "The Kings of Edom who reigned before Israel," they are said to have perished one after the other; these worlds were convulsed and were no more known. ' Having considered the Divine Emanations, and the origin of the Universe, I must refer to the spiritual beings of the Four Worlds. In the Fint purest and highest World of Atziluth there dwell only the Primary Ten Sephiroth of tile Adam Oilah or'Archetype, perfect and immutable. In the Second World of Briah reside the Archangels headed by "Metatron" related to Kether, in solemn grandeur; He is the garment of Al Shaddai~ the visible manifestation of God; the Number of both is 314 (Zohar iii.

ABALA ·H 45 action, the right and left upper limbs; Tiphareth is the heart and the vital organs 6f the chest; Netzach and Hud are the lower limbs right and left; Jesod refers to the digestive and reproductive organs and abdomen; and lastly, Malkuth is compared to the feet as a basis or foundation of man upon this earth or lowest plane: see the plate of The Adam Kadmon, Archetypal Man, or The First Adam. These Triads were looked upon as formed of a Principle of Union and a male and female potency, and thus a Balance, MTQLA, Methequela, exists.

In this theosophy-ex nihil nihilo fit; spirit and matter are the opposite poles of one existence: and as nothing comes from nothing, so nothing is annihilated. The following seven Kabalistic ideals are of the greatest interest to students of the origin and clestinv of the world and mankind. 32 THE K A B A L A H (I) That God, the Holy One, the Supreme Incomprehensible One, the AIN SUPH, the Greek apeiros, (Zohar iii. -283) was 1lOt the direct Creator of the World ; but that all things have proceeded from the Primordial Source in successive Emanations, each one less excellent than the preceding, so that the universe is 'God Manifested,' and the last and remotest production is matter, a privation of perfection.

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