Another Job for Biggles by w. e. johns

By w. e. johns

, 191 pages, with four colored plates, frontispiece and different line illustrations within the textual content

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If someeone has been to the Wadi al Arwat since the Doctor was there, they may have accompanied the expediition. If they didn't go themselves they may have heard rumours. You know how news travels in such places. " "I can help you there," offered the Air Commodore. "A retired Middle East Political Officer, named Captain Jerry Norman, has made his home in Aden. He speaks all the dialects. He's a good type. Every- page 32 one knows him. " "Thanks," acknowledged Biggles. "But if there are no complications we ought to finish the job and be home in a week to ten days.

It's no earthly use arresting these odd men selling the stuff. They're only the small fry. Others would soon take their places. We've got to get, literally, to the root of the thing. By which I mean we've not only got to find the man or the syndicate that is smuggling the stuff into the country; we've got to find out where he's getting it from. The stuff is so strong that only a page 24 minute quantity would be required to treat thousands of cigarettes, and I doubt if the Excise officers could prevent its importation.

The coastal Arabs who started with him refused absolutely to go beyond the country that they knew and that ended far short of the wadi. That was why, as I told you, the Doctor had to change his camel men from time to time. " "Yes. He picked them up at Aden. " "One of these men must have spotted more than the Doctor imagined," declared Biggles. "He might have discovered the gum on his own account and put· some in his bag to enjoy when he got home. Later, he might have talked about it. " The Air Commodore rubbed his chin.

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