Book Review – Bridget Jones : Mad About the Boy

Book Review – Bridget Jones : Mad About the Boy



As I began reading this book, I was struck by how much it felt like a visit with an old friend.  I loved the previous Bridget Jones books. But after a few pages I began to reevaluate my opinion.  You see, reading this book was like visiting an old friend and then remembering why you haven’t contacted that old friend for the past 15 years.  Good grief, Bridget can be annoying.

The form of this book is the same as the previous ones.  It’s a diary format.  Each day Bridget records her weight, calories and alcohol units consumed and various other details.  This just feels tired after 3 books.

The worst part is this.  Mark Darcy is dead.  This is not a spoiler so don’t worry.  The whole premise of the book is how Bridget lives her life as a 50 something widow with 2 very young children.  This presented me with two problems.

1)  I can’t get past Mark Darcy being dead.  I know he is a made up person but Colin Firth played him in the movie and that made me think how sad I would be if Colin Firth died.  You see how this deal just spiraled out of control?

2) Bridget has a 5 and 7 year old child.  The book is filled with madcap antics as Bridget tries to negotiate school drop off lines, parent meetings, etc.  Ya’ll this is my life every day.  Reading about a mom (other than myself) losing her mind every day is not entertainment for me.  Plus Bridget is twelve years older than me and her kids are younger.  And that just made me feel tired.


Book Review – Where’d You Go Bernadette?

Book Review – Where’d You Go Bernadette?



You know books don’t always have to be deep.  In fact, it’s probably better if most of them aren’t.  Let’s face it.  This world is a scary, confusing, depressing place a lot of the time.  This book might help you forget for just a minute.

Bernadette is a nutball.  I mean that in a positive way.  She’s just one of those characters you will never forget.  She is a bit of a recluse by accident.  (And if Lauren didn’t drag me out in public weekly, I could be a recluse too so I totally get this chick.)  Bernadette is smart and funny.  I have read many books that I thought were humorous.  But ya’ll, I LITERALLY laughed out loud while reading this thing. (And I am actually using the term literally in the correct way here.)

Go read it immediately.  Then call me so we can giggle about Bernadette’s letter about Microsoft.

Book Review – Sinners and the Sea

Book Review – Sinners and the Sea


Did you ever read The Red Tent ?  It was this great book written about the biblical women in Jacob (the patriarch’s) life.  It was an awesome book.

Sinners and the Sea is the same kind of novel but it focuses on Noah’s wife. And don’t ya’ll just ever wonder about her?

Some people get their panties in a wad over fiction inspired by the Bible.  But these people are the type that get their panties in a wad over just about everything so I don’t worry too much about them. This book is fiction.  It is just a story that some lady made up.  Calm down and read it. (But don’t quote from it in church or anything.)

Book Review – Wedding Night

Book Review – Wedding Night


I read everything Sophie Kinsella writes.

Ya’ll… I am faithful to this woman.  I even read the books she wrote under a pseudonym.

I know what to expect when I pick up one of her books.  And in that sense, this book delivered.

Lottie thinks her boyfriend is going to propose.  He doesn’t.  (Girl…been there!)  She gets upset and marries her college boyfriend.  (Like you do.)  Her sister Fliss sets off with her son, Lottie’s ex-boyfriend and some other dude to stop this mistake before it is un-annullable.

Did you ever watch Three’s Company?  Remember how there was always these big misunderstandings?  Someone would overhear part of a conversation and overreact in a hilarious way.  And remember how that shtick got a bit tiresome by the last season?  That’s how this book felt to me.  I enjoyed it but I kinda knew how the characters would act and react in every scenario.  It was bit like getting together with an old friend who is slightly annoying.


Book Review – Dead Ever After

Book Review – Dead Ever After




Sometimes I am happy when a series ends.


This is one of those times.


It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  But between one new book a year plus watching the True Blood series, I find myself confused.

And can I just say this?  I am over the following creatures:




Can we just take a collective break?

Surely someone, somewhere can write an engaging story for teens or adults that does not involve the above referenced creatures?

So if you have already read every book in this series, by all means, read this one.  It’s entertaining and quick to read.  The ending was good and I had it pegged from the first page.  Yay me!