Em is getting married!!!

Emily got engaged last night!
Dustin proposed at the top of the ferris wheel at the Wilson County Fair.

Ya’ll, I am going to be a step-mother-in-law!
Is that a real thing?

Dylan’s Surgery

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So Dylan calls me to report that he is super sick and needs meds.  I hang up and try to figure out what could possibly cause a perfectly health 21 year old man to be so sick.  Dylan calls back 20 minutes later to report that he has appendicitis. 

We loaded up and headed to the hospital where it only took 5 hours to prepare him for surgery.  Surgery went smooth, Dylan recovered super quick and his girlfriend managed to be very nice to me for the whole deal (which could not have been easy for her since she hates my guts).

Rapunzel Has Left the Building

Ava finally got a haircut.

This is what it looked like before.
Here is a ‘during’ shot.
And here is after.

Superior Girls

A few weeks ago, Anna and Savannah performed at the Solo and Ensemble festival for choir.
They both scored superior ratings!!!


7 days with Ava

Wednesday March 7 – Family Birthday

Thursday March 8 – Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy

Friday March 9 – Recovery

Saturday March 9 – Bad day.  No pictures. 

Sunday March 10 – Better day.  New medicine.  All is well until 11PM. Massive bleeding.  Trip to the ER and back to surgery.

Monday March 10 – Inpatient

Tuesday March 11 – Released
Wednesday March 12 – Home. Back to as normal as it gets around here.
How was your Spring Break?