America by Jean Baudrillard

By Jean Baudrillard

“The selection of wild, frequently hilarious postcards from his journey to the US comprises a number of the year’s most unique and gorgeous writing.”—New Statesman and Society

In this, his such a lot obtainable and evocative e-book, France’s prime thinker of postmodernism takes to the freeways in a set of traveler’s stories from the land of hyperreality.

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Both are homeopathic final solutions, solutions by extermination. The jogger has yet another solution. In a sense, he spews himself out; he doesn’t merely expend his energy in his running, he vomits it. He has to attain the ecstasy of fatigue, the ‘high’ of mechanical annihilation, just as the anorexic aims for the ‘high’ of organic annihilation, the ecstasy of the emptybody and the obese individual seeks the high of dimensional annihilation: the ecstasy of the full body. The latest obsession of American public opinion: the sexual abuse of children.

There is a direct line that runs from the medieval instruments of torture, via the industrial movements of production-line work, to the techniques of schooling the body by using mechanical apparatuses. Like dieting, bodybuilding, and so many other things, jogging is a new form of voluntary servitude (it is also a new form of adultery). Decidedly, joggers are the true Latter Day Saints and the protagonists of an easy-does-it Apocalypse. Nothing evokes the end of the world more than a man running straight ahead on a beach, swathed in the sounds of his Walkman, cocooned in the solitary sacrifice of his energy, indifferent even to catastrophes since he expects destruction to come only as the fruit of his own efforts, from exhausting the energy of a body that has in his own eyes become useless.

They form the mental frontier where the projects of civilization run into the ground. They are outside the sphere and circumference of desire. ] in culture. They are our mythic operator. ROMERO SADDLE - CAMINO CIELO - BLUE CANYON - QUICK SILVER MINE - SYCAMORE CANYON - SAN RAPHAEL WILDERNESS As night is falling, after three hours driving, I am lost in the San Raphael Wilderness. Driving on and on towards the last of the sun’s rays, then by the headlights reflecting in the sand of the river bed.

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