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We went on a cruise…3 months ago. It was a really interesting experience. Our room was much bigger than I expected. (I have heard a lot of tiny stateroom horror stories.) It had a balcony which I’m sure helped to enlarge the feel of the room. Looking at the ocean is one of my favorite things so being able to lay in bed and watch the ocean at the same time was ridiculously awesome. The food was plentiful and mostly excellent. There were lots of nerds on the cruise who were big fans of my husband so I got loads of free drinks. What more do you need in life people?

More to come from our Mexican excursion. Hint:It was almost an international incident 🙂

Kevin’s Truck

Let’s just say that Kevin and I often deal with people who treat us badly. Perhaps we invite this behavior. Perhaps God is trying to teach us something. We simply do not know.

A perfect example of this phenomenon is the restoration of Kevin’s truck. When we started dating in 2006, I saw this truck once. It obviously wasn’t Kevin’s main vehicle. A while later, he mentioned that he had found a guy to restore it. The body was in very rough shape. He paid a man named Charlie to fix it. Charlie was a person that did restoration as a kind of hobby so Kevin knew the work would not be done quickly. He is a very patient man. He was in no hurry.

After many, many thousands of dollars paid and probably one hundred phone calls made, I drove into our driveway on January 6, 2011 and found the truck returned to it’s rightful place. The whole process only took 4 years.

When Charlie originally began working on the truck, it had a working engine. My guess is that after sitting for 48 months undriven in a garage the engine is gonna need some fine tuning. We will not be using another hobby mechanic I can assure you. But, for now, we like looking at it. And we’re both going to pretend it was worth every penny.

Happy Anniversary Kevin

I remember what life was like without you.

I remember the loneliness that was so deep I feared I might drown in it.

I remember the sorrow that permeated even the parts of my life that should have held joy.

I remember the prayers that I offered endlessly.

“Please God”

I remember the moment that I knew you were the answer.

I know how perfectly imperfect you are.

But I do not care.

Because I remember what life was like without you.